SFIT “SimNow” Product Released


On May 21, the mobile internet product “SimNow” was formally released.
Product Introduction
SimNow provides investors with a simulation trading platform closest to the real market environment. Linked to the actual market quotations of the stock exchanges, it takes the mode of daily settlement, continuous trading and consideration transaction according to the real market quotations. SimNow can help investors be familiar with the business rules of the exchanges, learn trading principles, control market risks, understand a variety of financial instruments, verify trading strategies and improve trading skills.
Simulation Platform for Multi-financial Instruments: SimNow simulates several stock exchanges’ business rules to provide simulation trading for spots, futures, options and other derivatives.
Simulation Platform for Continuous Trading: SimNow takes the mode of consideration transaction and daily settlement by providing continuous trading environment, which is closest to the real market environment.
Preferred Platform for Simulation Contest: SimNow can carry out simulation contests fast and conveniently, and simultaneously support the parallel operation of several contests.
Verification Platform for Investment Strategies: The consideration transaction model of SimNow can help investors verify the firm offer effectiveness of the programmized investment strategies.
Practice Platform for Zero-risk Investment: After SimNow users get registered, they will obtain a certain amount of initial funding to simulate transactions, through which they can accumulate investment experience and have fun in their investment without taking any risks.
Learning and Communication Platform for Investors: SimNow not only provides investors with a simulation trading environment, but also provides a variety of ways for investors to learn and communicate.

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